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    Free CV Assessment

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    Product Description
    Do you want to test what a manager spots in Your Resume? Send us your resume and we’ll share some feedback as well some free resources that you can use to build an awesome Resume!

    Why do we like this package?

    It’s a self-service package: You are the one driving your preparation, we point you in the right direction.


  • Offline Interview Rehearsal

    250.00 lei
    Product Description
    Do you want to hear from a manager what are the answers they’re looking for the most common interview questions? This is the right package for you!

    Where do you start? After buying the package, we’ll send you 5 pre-selected questions that are commonly used in an interview. You record yourself giving the answers and send it back to us. One of our experienced managers will review it and provide feedback on your answers as well as pointers on how to rephrase, helping you to be better prepared in your next interview.

    Why do we like this package?

    It’s self-paced: allows you time to prepare on your own and still hear from a real manager on how you did!


  • 1-1 Coaching: Customized Interview Preparation

    500.00 lei
    Product Description
    This package is great for professionals who are looking to change their domain, access higher positions or get promoted. Live f2f coaching & feedback. We meet, we listen, we provide feedback! We do it again until you’re confident to show up to any interview!

    Why do we like this package?

    High touch! It is all focused on you and your needs!


  • Practical Workshop – The Secrets of a Great Interview

    500.00 lei
    Product Description
    We know that it takes time to land a proper job….couple rounds of interviews and some long weeks of waiting – no worries, we’re here to help you! We’ve designed this interactive workshop to help you get though the various stages of the interview.

    📝 Are you tired of submitting countless resumes and never getting that dream job? 📝

    🎯 Join our exclusive online practical workshop led by REAL managers who know the ins and outs of the hiring process. Gain the edge you need to stand out and land your dream job!

    🔥 What to Expect from the Workshop? 🔥

    📌 Resume Writing Masterclass: Craft a powerful resume that grabs attention and highlights your strengths effectively.

    📌 Harnessing the Latest Technology: Learn how to leverage cutting-edge tools and platforms to enhance your job search and create a strong online presence.

    📌 Cracking the Interview Code: Understand precisely what hiring managers are looking for in your answers and ace those tough interview questions with confidence.

    Why do we like this package?

    Learning together can be inspirational!

Custom Interview

If you feel that the packages we designed are not suited for you, write us!  We’ll contact you shortly trying to find a solution for your needs!

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