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Liliana Stoian
Global Operations Manager

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Lili is a dynamic leader with experience in leading virtual teams and standardized processes. Ever since she became a mom, she shifted her focus from being results-oriented to being empathic and socially responsible.

The GetMeHired platform was designed by Lili to help others improve their career by accessing better jobs.

Lili can interview Specialists and Junior Managers.

Corina Oprea
Senior Sales Operations Manager

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Corina is a hands on leader with a passion for people development, who will ensure the job will be performed in an efficient and organized manner.

Corina responded positively to the initiative of helping candidates improve their skills and joined the GetMeHired platform promoting empowerment through practice & coaching.

Ovi Negrean
Chief Executive Bee, Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor

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Ovi is the co-founder and Chief Executive Bee of They offer Tools, Training, and Teams that help Entrepreneurs get More Leads with Less Effort. Ovi loves helping other startups grow.

Sofia Alexe
License Manager

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Sofia currently manages an elite group of professionals handling highly negotiated contracts for strategic customers in Oracle, Texas.

Emerging Executive Leaders program of the Hispanic IT Executive Council graduate, she believes the future of work is linked to perpetual evolution as a way of reshaping our reality.

Sofia is passionate about coaching others to succeed as the best versions of themselves through critical thinking and positive leadership.

Gabriel Bratila
Head of IT Governance and Transformation

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Gabi is passionate about helping others grow.

He has vast experience in leading teams through transformational projects in IT, as well as multiple certifications all centered on leadership and process improvements.

Head of IT Governance and Transformation
Bogdan Sterian
Director, EMEA Deal Desk

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Bogdan is ambitious, attentive to details, sociable, and a team player.

He likes leading by example and he loves helping others grow.

Alina Brasov
Head of SSC

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Alina has extended SSC senior management experience (>7 years) and more than 10 years SSC overall experience.

Alina has expertise in talent acquisition, team building, strategy development, and execution with complex negotiation and interpersonal skills.

Alina is also a mom that returned to the work field after maternity leave and can help mommies adapt to this change.

Cosmin Cristea
Delivery Manager, IT

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Experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. 

Skilled in Object-Oriented Design, Scrum, SQL, Requirements Analysis, Project and Client Management.


Cristina Ioana Olariu
Senior HR Business Partner

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Cristina is a passionate HR professional, a good listener, a creative and solution-oriented person. She is an inspiring person, who can put order into chaos, improve processes and come with great ideas. She is emphatic and always willing to help, a true pillar in people’s development. With her overall experience in HR in areas like Hiring, HR admin, HR processes and systems, talent and development, learning, she is able to contribute to your new step in your career with coaching, advice, interview samples.

Anamaria Ionescu
Managing Director

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Anamaria is a passionate leader with Executive experience in transforming IT business and coaching people towards achieving their best selves.

GetMeHired project represents for Anamaria a perfect combo between her desire to coach others and contributing to a project that impacts our business environment and fosters be-sin-class prepared professionals on the market.

Anamaria may interview a various range of roles from BPO leadership type of roles in Supply Chain, Finance, IT, Sales & Marketing to software engineers, quality assurance, business analysts, ISO, Lean Six Sigma and project managers.

Raluca Maier
Consulting Bid Analyst Manager

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Raluca runs a global team of Bid Analysts in Oracle. She has experience in interviewing and managing recruitment in various countries across the Globe which makes her a valuable colleague to help you with your own interviews.

Raluca speaks Italian and English.

Anne Zwierstra
Owner ZSA Consultacy BV

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Anne is an energetic and strongly result-oriented leader with 17+ years Business management experience and 20+ years of managerial experience in Consulting, Finance, Contracts, and Deal Management environments, including Business Process Improvement.

Anne shifted his career to being a Data Privacy Consultant, one of the hottest jobs in Europe. Anne is located in the Netherlands and can interview in English and Dutch language.

Mihai Vasile
Senior Quality Assurance Manager

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Experienced Studio Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. 

If you want to interview in the gaming industry, Mihai is the right person to help you.

Steluta Dumitrescu
Manager, Global Order Desk

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Steluta is a confident Sales Support Manager with 10+ years of experience in leadership, organizational skills, sales and customer support

Bianca Rodina

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Bianca este avocat în cadrul Baroului Cluj din anul 2014, iar în prezent titulara a Cabinetului de avocatura – Rodina Bianca cu sediul în Cluj-Napoca. 

Aria de specializare a cabinetului de avocatură cuprinde dreptul civil, dreptul familiei, drept societar, executare silită, dreptul consumatorului, registrul comerțului (înființări, modificări societăți, dizolvări), înființare de asociații, fundații, litigii cu profesionisti, consultanță juridică.
În urma experienței dobândite de-a lungul anilor, oferind consultanta juridică și pledând în fata instanțelor de judecată, Bianca a descoperit care sunt atuurile pe care trebuie să le dețină un jurist pentru a convinge clientul și angajatorul, dar a si dobândit capacitatea de a recunoaște persoanele potrivite acestei profesii.
Bianca isi doreste sa ajute tinerii juristi sa se pregateasca pentru interviurile practice oferind feedback concret de cum ar trebui sa te prezinti in fata angajatorului in acest domeniu
Corina Gosa
Pharmacy Manager
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Corina has over 10 years of experience as a chief pharmacist in retail pharmacies. She ran pharmacies with large teams and constantly managed to meet and exceed her targets through teamwork, good communication, and above all, by hiring and keeping the right type of employees by her side.She can help anyone that wants a career in pharma to have faith in their skills and abilities and ace any interview.
Maria Caciur
Managing Partner (Digital Marketing)

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Maria has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. Maria is also a mother who choose a professional reconversion after her maternity leave – it all started with a personal project and ended up being co-founder of a start-up. Currently, Maria is running a digital marketing agency, is hiring and growing people on a daily basis and would love to help people who need advice for a new career path.

Cristina Preda
Manager, Contracts Administration

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Cristina has over 5 years of experience in recruiting and leading teams in Finance/Contracts Administration/SSC and +10 years overall in IT and software for banking worldwide companies.

She is passionate about guiding people in building their own career path through transformational and growth mindset.

Cristina will help you emphasize skills such as: teamwork, effective communication, problem-solving, planning and organizing, time management, decision making. She can interview junior/senior specialists and team leaders.

She is also experienced in tourism/hospitality, corporate travel & events and can support you if you wish to make a shift and pursue a career in another domain.

Andreea Georgescu
Head of HR Consulting

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Andreea believes that each person has a huge potential to become a talent in his or her field. They only need someone to help them see it and work on their way to become one.

With almost 20 years in HR in different industries, she developed her expertise in all HR management matters being passionate about talent management within companies and career coaching for all ages people.

Cristina Batog
Finance Director
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Cristina is an enthusiastic and energetic leader. Passionate coach, ready to support you in uncovering the better version of yourself. Here to help you go through all the interview hustle and make sure you land your dream job. She has 15+ years of experience in large multinationals, building and growing successful teams and 7+ years of senior leadership experience. She has strong expertise in Finance, Business Strategy and Leading Successful Teams. Given her experience and expertise, she will help you whether you are a senior leader, getting ready for you next big career move or you are a fresh graduate, preparing for your first job interview.
Andreea Sarbu
Team Leader Security Operations

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People manager experienced in building and leading diverse teams and creating an inclusive environment, with a proven record of working in the Cloud Security industry.Skilled in Deal/Business and Compliance Analysis, Business Process Design, Team/talent development, and Change management in a true global context.