About Us

The GetMeHired concept was designed by Lili, a corporate mom on maternity leave during the most challenging year, 2020.

Initially, it was designed as a service social campaign, where Lili offered her services to help new moms returning into the work field, fine-tune their CV, rehearse for real interviews or just adapt to professional life.

Being a manager herself, she designed a process that allows candidates to validate their competencies, refine their resume, obtain valuable feedback and be more prepared when it comes to interviews.

We’re not here to teach you theory; we’re here to share from our experience!

Our Mission

To help candidates get better jobs by sharing real managers interview insights and feedback in a stress-free environment

Our Vision

By creating an effective and safe online interview experience for candidates, we are helping decoding interviews by providing detailed feedback for their performance. 

It’s only through genuine feedback provided by interviewing managers that we can truly create a positive change for the candidates.